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The Company / Specializations

We founded Nafibud S.A. to offer our partners the expertise we have gained over the years of  experience in the construction sector where we worked for many companies and co-operated with the largests Polish developers.


Despite being a young company, we are proud of extensive knowledge brought to  Nafibud S.A. by our team of best-qualified engineers: the quality of our service and responsiveness to client needs guarantee  full satisfaction of our regular and potential Clients and our success in a competitive industry.


Thanks to our broad experience in the delivery of publicly financed infrastructure projects we may address the needs of all those clients who are  planning to undertake residential/housing, commercial or industrial building projects, and in particular the construction, extension,  reconstruction, adaptation and  finishing works of:


Healthcare facilities

Office buildings


Sports facilities

Public assembly projects

Government administration facilities


Single-family housing

The highest quality expertise  ensures  timely delivery and successful execution of the project while maintaining the expected standards and embracing the emerging technologies.


Our core values are the best quality of service, commitment and innovation. We help the client to optimize design solutions to reduce originally planned costs while retaining full  functionality  and aesthetics of the buildings under construction. Also, we manage, monitor, supervise and streamline the whole  process from the pre-construction, construction and project closeout stages,  including the obtaining of all necessary official documentation,  from acceptance documents to building use permits.